Offline Activities for Kids who Love Minecraft

Minecraft is an addictive game and no one knows this better than those parents who kids spend endless hours playing this game, especially for free on sites like Minecraft For Free X. Such parents always wish they could find something interesting beyond Minecraft for their kids so that they start spending time away from screen. Here is a list of Minecraft activities and ideas that will attract your kids and make them spend time away from the screen yet engaging with their favorite game world in the real world.

Plant Seeds

Players plant seeds in the game and they grow cactus. You can bring this to the real world by letting them start a small veggie garden of their own. You can call the activity ‘sapling’ as it’s known in the game. This will build a connection of this outdoor activity with the game world and your kids will find it attractive.

Go Fishing

When your kids play Minecraft, they go fishing a lot. It is one of the major sources of food in the game. If you introduce it to your kids in the real life, chances are that they are going to love it. To make it more like Minecraft, you can do some texture work for carry box and make it look like made of Minecraft cubes.

Make them Dye Something

One of the activities in Minecraft is to make dyes from items such as plants, flowers and ink. This helps players change color of wool and therefore look different. Make them do this in real life. Guide them how to make natural dyes from plants. They are going to love it.


Brewing could be fun. Your kids do it all the time in the game. Make them brew something like soda or root beer in real life. If that’s not an option, make them work on a new kind of a milkshake.

Make Paper

Kids make paper in the game from cane sugar. In real life, it’s a little more than that but your kids are going to love it once you teach them how to do it. You can search the internet for a tutorial on making paper at home and help your kids with it. Make them turn paper into a scrapbook and ask them to draw their favorite characters on it. It will become a life-long memory for them.

Make Armor

In Minecraft, armor plays a major role in helping your kids survive the dangers of the game world. They make helmets and leggings from leather and ores but in real life they can make all that stuff from cardboards. All you need is a good video tutorial to help your kids with real-life Minecraft adventures.

Cook Food

Your little miners have been preparing their own food in Minecraft. You can let them do the same in real world. They will already know from the game how to turn carrots to cookies and roast chicken. Just give them a video recipe and ask them to follow it. They will love the activity and you could have a family meal.


Free Popular Games to Download Online

Looking for some free games is not that hard when you go online. This is because there are so many people who were able to crack some programming codes in order to make some paid games for free. Although not all websites may offer the same and may have hidden agendas such as surveys, there are still other websites who can give it to you for free.

Aside from the most popular games that are very in demand to game enthusiasts like NBA, Metal Gear Solid, Call of Duty and the likes, it is seldom that you will find free versions of them, but if you are looking for some free time management games, such as farming and managing restaurants and airports, there are so many of them that you can access online.

Time management games are one of the most popular types of game that millions of people download on their mobile phone. Some may require internet connection all the time, while the others don’t. During some situations where in you are waiting for someone or wanted to kill some time, these games are the best companion you’ll ever have, you’ll be surprised how time flies when you are so hooked to the game.

Also, most games from the same category are also available for download on PC; some are even legally free especially if there are in-game purchases that will be offered during the game. These are extra coins or points that you may use if ever you wanted to finish a task early or level up right away.

Beware though as this free time management games are also popular to the little kids, so make sure you keep your phone or tablet locked when you leave them as they would also enjoy playing the games for hours as well.

New York City’s Best Places to Live In

New York is one of the busiest places on earth when it comes to work and maybe having a good time as well when not at work. I used to think about the place a business district and not the type wherein people get to relax at home and chat with their neighbors unlike some other states, but when I get to see the quieter side of the Bayside area, I realized, there is actually a place that we can call home.

Bayside NY, although they may have some high rise condominiums such as the bay club condos, looks very homey because of the numerous houses that you can see around together with the parks, schools, theaters and even some historic places or buildings. Some of the communities within the bayside may have a great view of the Throgs Neck Bridge such as the Baybridge condos.

Whether you are single or already have your own family, considering living in Bayside is definitely great for many reasons.

  1. There are parks all around the place – going to the park is one of the best ways that you can do if you have children to let them be physically active. You can also do some work out for yourself and if ever you have a dog to walk or run with.
  2. It’s a great community – people are warm and hospitable, there are events happening once in a while and people are active as well.
  3. Safe and secured – most of the condos and houses are secured by the guards and are gated. This makes the homeowners feel safe and protected all the time.
  4. There are schools – if you plan to live with your family, finding a school won’t be a problem since some of the best schools are nearby your place; from prekindergarten up until college, Bayside have them all.

Tips for Renting a Classic Car for Your Wedding

If you are looking to make your wedding day special, nothing beats renting a classic car. It can fit into any wedding theme. Finding a classic car should be easy with so many classic car rentals offering all your dream cars at extremely affordable rental price.

When renting a classic car, it is important that you learn about vintage cars. You should also learn some tips so that you can rent the best vintage car for your special day. Here are some of the best tips that will help you get the most out of classic car rentals.

Look for Reviews and Reputation

In order to avoid disappointment later, it is important that you do your homework before visiting classic car rentals. You can easily find reviews for any given rental company on the internet. If there are no reviews online, you can start asking your friends and acquaintances.

Get an Early Booking

Don’t leave it to the last minute. Booking your vintage vehicle in advance from classic car rentals will mean that you don’t have to worry about availability of your favorite vintage car. Try to get a booking 10-12 months in advance to avoid any complications later on.

Check Vehicle Condition

Finally, you need to check condition of the vehicle before you book it. If you don’t, you may end up getting a vehicle that doesn’t look good enough to accompany you on your big day.

Action Center

We are in the process of building our Action Alert Center.

Once completed this synergistically designed system will enable our members to expedite numerous action alerts with the single click of a button.

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Animal Think Tank is the place to share information and ideas that will change the course of our stewardship of life on Earth. Collectively, we can turn caring into action, and suffering into freedom for the animal nation.

Our mission is to find action strategies to help preserve species and protect the rights of animals to live a natural life, free of human cruelty. When people with caring hearts and intelligent minds unite miracles can happen!

“Until he extends the circle of compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace.” ~Albert Schweitzer”

Every living thing has a right to enjoy the sun, the moon, the morning air, and deserves to live the natural lifespan it was born to enjoy.

Animal Think Tank provides up to date news, policy, and current events about the animals that share our Earth. You’ll find action strategies and guidelines to help preserve species and protect the rights of animals to live a natural life, free of human cruelty.

Animal Think Tank is a one-stop resource center for both the committed animal rights activist and for those who are new to animal issues. Animal Think Tank encourages all people to become more actively engaged in protecting and preserving the life on our planet.

“What is man without the beasts? If all the beasts were gone, man would die from a great loneliness of spirit. For whatever happens to the beasts, soon happens to man. All things are connected.” ~ Chief Seattle, 1854


Animal Think Tank is a resource center for animal issues and environmental news, empowering individuals to help make our planet a better place for all living things.

How to Get a High Score in Subway Surfers


When you play Subway Surfers, you become addicted to it. You want to grab all the items and unlock all the characters. You can’t wait and you start looking for a Subway Surfers hack. Even if you find a hack, you won’t enjoying playing the game that way. To get most fun out of this game, you have to play it without using any Subway Surfers hack and get high score. Here are some tips to help you with this task.

  • Always do everything you can to collect multipliers that appear randomly in the game. You will start with a humble x1 multiplier but if you keep building it up, you can get to x30 multiplier. Once you start grabbing all the multipliers that appear during your run, you will start getting insane high scores.
  • Keys are important in this game. A key is a life and a Subway Surfers hack for sure. You can revive your progress when you get caught using keys. If you have a lot of keys, you can easily use them to continue running even after getting caught. This is probably the easiest way to get a high score that your friends will envy.
  • When a coin magnet appears, don’t waste any time and grab it. It will attract all the nearby coins and your score will go up like crazy. With a coin magnet in your hand, you are never going to miss any coins.
  • Make full use of jet packs and other powerups. These powerups help you collect coins and keep you away from obstacles for the time they last.
  • Start upgrading your powerups to get a definite advantage and get a high score without using any Subway Surfers hack. You will need to spend coins to upgrade your powerups so make sure you collect every coin that comes your way while playing the game.